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Restaurants & Bars

Our top recommendations of the best restaurants in Dublin.


New York– San Lorenzo’s

Italian food with a New York twist.  Open for dinner Thursday to Friday 5-10pm.  Located on George Street, about 15-20 minute walk from The Wilder

Italian– Cirillo’s

Authentic Italian food. Open Monday - Friday Noon - 3pm and 5pm-10pm. Open all day Saturday and Sundays. Located on Baggot Street

Steak– FX Buckley Steakhouse

Traditional Irish Steakhouse, perfect for any guest who wants a proper steak. Open Wednesday – Sunday (Lunch served on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Located on Pembroke Street


Modern steakhouse with an excellent variety of different types and cuts of beef. Open Monday – Sunday 5pm–11pm. Located on Essex Street.


Modern steakhouse perfect for lunch or a casual dinner. Open Monday - Friday 5pm to late. Open Saturday and Sunday 1pm-8pm. Located on Dawson Street.

Fish–Matt the Thresher

Seafood bar and restaurant. Open Monday – Friday 10am to 9.45pm. Open Saturday and Sunday 12.30 - 8.48pm. Located on Pembroke Street.

Modern Indian–Doolally

Open 7 days a week – Lunch all week, Dinner only on the weekends. Located in The Lennox Building on Richmond Street.

Chinese Hang Dai

Open Tuesday – Sunday 5pm – Late (Closes at 9.30pm on Sunday). Located on Camden Street.

French –DAX

Open Wednesday-Saturday for dinner and Thursday and Friday for lunch. Located on Pembroke Street, about 5 minutes from The Wilder.

Modern French–Pichet

Pichet is a modern take on a classic bistro, combining both French influence and modern Irish cuisine. Open Monday-Thursday Noon - 9.30pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday Noon - 10pm. Located on Trinity Street.

Modern Irish– Locks

Locks offers brilliant contemporary Irish food. Open Tuesday – Sunday (Tuesday-Thursday 5.30-9.30pm, Friday-Sunday 12:30-2:30pm, 5:30-9:30pm) Located in Portobello, a short 15 minute walk along the canal from The Wilder.

Modern Irish–Richmond

Richmond is a gorgeous neighbourhood restaurant that offer good Irish food with modern twists. Open Wednesday- Sunday 5.30-9.30pm and on weekends from 11-2.30pm and 5.30-9pm. Located on Richmond Street.


Peploes offers a European menu and a huge wine list. Their passion is for simple good food, fine wine, and art. Open Tuesday–Saturday 12pm-late and Sunday 12pm-8.45pm. Located just off Stephen’s green in an old Georgian building.

Modern European– Susseystreet

Susseystreet is an upmarket restaurant that services contemporary dishes using the fresh Irish ingredients. Open from Wednesday-Friday 12-2pm & 6-9pm and on Saturday 6-9pm. Located on Fitzwilliam Place.

Vegetarian and Vegan–Glas

Glas believe in using seasonal vegetables and local produce to create sustainably – sourced gourmet food. Glas is the vegetarian and vegan restaurant for everyone to enjoy. Located on Chatham Street. Open Monday-Friday from 5-9pm and on weekends from 12-3.30pm & 5-9pm.


Pubs & Bars

Whether you’re looking for the best cocktail bars, speakeasies or those who specialise in the craft beer trend the Dublin bar scene has it covered.  Here are our top 15 recommendations of the best pubs and bars to go to in Dublin.

  • O’Donoghue’s, Merrion Row
  • Searson’s, Baggot Street
  • Keogh’s, South Anne Street
  • Doheny & Nesbits, Merrion Row
  • Bruxelles, Harry Street
  • Grogan’s Castle Pub, Clarendon Street
  • 37 Dawson Street, Dawson Street
  • No Name Bar, Fade Street
  • Baggots Hutton Wine Bar, South William Street
  • Bow Lane, Aungier Street
  • Soder & Ko, Georges Street
  • Vintage Cocktail Club, Temple Bar
  • Peruke & Periwig, Dawson Street
  • Dingle Whiskey Bar, Nassau Street
  • 777, Georges Street
  • 9 Degrees Below. St Stephen Green.
Restaurants & Bars

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